Quality Policy

Foreal is dedicated to providing quality products and services which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. The Quality System for our Chinese facility, subsidiary, is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified.

Continuous Improvement

Foreal strives for fewer unplanned events and to enhance the effectiveness of its Quality System by making decisions based on data, identifying and addressing the root cause of a problem, and tracking results.

Product Safety

Ensuring product safety especially for medical instruments is a must. Foreal’s objective is to achieve 100% product safety.

Value for Customers

Foreal works closely with its customers to understand their businesses and requirements. This close relationship helps Foreal to better meet customers’ expectations and to anticipate and meet their future needs.

Scientific Management

High quality and reliability is achieved and ensured by scientific management. Foreal’s Quality System involves every employee:- the Quality Management System is built and refined by the whole team.

Safety Compliance

Foreal Products are US FDA compliant, FCC compliant (CFR 47 part), UL compliant, and CE compliant.