Precision Optics

Foreal can supply many kinds of customized precision optics including prisms, arrowheads, unusal shapes and

complex assemblies, ranging from 300nm ~ 3000nm.

•    One-stop service for precision processing, optical coatings, and optical assembly

•    Strict quality control

•    Complete testing equipment

•    Assembly of mechanical parts according to customer requirements

Precision Optics1


Processing Capability:
                     Material  Fused Silica, Optical Glass
                     Shape  Round, Square, Wedge, Unusual Shapes, etc.
                     Specification  Angle Accuracy            10”
 Flatness            λ/10
 Surface Quality            10/5
 Roughness            3Å
                     Customize Coating  Wavelength from 300nm – 3000 nm
 Prism Master
 Zygo Interferometer
 Tri-ordinate Measuring Machine
 Cary 500
 UV 3150