Optical Systems

Foreal provides opto-electro-mechanical design , as well as OEM services, for LED illumination and imaging systems


LED Illumination Systems


Products and services cover a variety of illumination applications

  •    Medical Endoscopy
  •    Industrial Microscopy
  •    Fluorescence Microscopy
  •    DNA Analysis
  •    3D Projection Scanning
  •    Micro-Projection Display
Key Values

  •    Current Density: up to 2.5A/mm; Current: up to 30A (single LED); Driving Power: 150W+
  •    Light output: 4000lm+; Light Power: 10W+
  •    Light efficiency: >90%
  •    CRI>90 @ 6500K color temperature


  •   Thermal Management of High Power LED and LD
  •   Rapid integrated design and prototyping
  •   Precision optical processing, coating, module/system assembly, product verification and testing
  •   Rapid conversion from prototypes to mass produced products


HD Imaging Systems

  • Successful development and manufacture of CCD lens for medical endoscope, continuous zoom lens, micro-projection lens, and HD endoscope optical system