Quality Control

Quality Control

NovelBeam has set up a full series of high precision photoelectric test equipment, is able to accurately test product properties such as size, angle, flatness, spectrum and luminous flux.

NovelBeam has established a professional QA inspector team which works closely with technical support engineers. NovelBeam is able to provide product inspection according to various standards including GB, ISO and the US Military Standard (MIL-STD).
Test Equipment

    Spectrometer Varian, Inc., USA

  Spectrometer Varian, Inc., USA

Accurately measure the spectral transmission and reflectivity over UV-VIS-NIRWavelength Range: 175nm~3300nm
Limit Resolution: 0.05nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.1nm
Cutoff Accuracy: OD6~OD7



   Spectrometer SHIMADZU Corporation, JapanSpectrometer SHIMADZU Corporation, Japan Scan UV-to-VIS wavelength range, precisely test the spectral transmission and reflectivityWavelength Range: 190nm~3200nm
Resolution: 0.02nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.3nm
Cutoff Accuracy: OD5
    Laser Interferometer Zygo Corporation, USA   Laser Interferometer Zygo Corporation, USA

Provide high-precision measurement and analysis of flat surface, spherical surface, radius, and transmission wavefront

  Test Beam: 4 inch (102mm)
Zoom Range: 6:1
Alignment Field of View: ±3°
Wavelength: 632.8nm (test result on 547nm can

  be provided by software)
Repeatability of Three-Flat Test: λ/300 (2σ)
Repeatability of RMS: λ/10,000 (2σ)
Resolution: >λ/8000

    LCS LED Characterization System

    LabSphere Inc., USA

  LCS LED Characterization System

Measure and analyze Total Luminous Flux, Total Spectral Flux, Averaged Luminous Intensity, Averaged Spectral Radiant, Intensity, Dominant Wavelength, Spectral Purity, Correlated Color Temperature, Color Rendering Index (CRI), Chromaticity Coordinates (x, y, u’, v’)Sphere Size: 2 inch
Sphere Interior Coating:Spectraflect

  Photometric Range(Illuminant A): 0.001~150lm
UV LED Range (360 to 400nm):0.01~2000mW
Spectral Range: 360~1000nm
Integration Time: 3ms
Spectral Resolution: 1.5nm
Wavelength Accuracy: 0.5nm

    Precision Goniometer Trioptics GmbH,     Germany

Precision Goniometer Trioptics GmbH

Measure angle, pyramidal errors of prisms, hexahedrons and other polyhedral optical components
  Rotary Encoder Resolution: 0.36s  Rotary Encoder Absolute Accuracy: 0.5s  Autocollimator Resolution: 0.01s

  Autocollimator Absolute Accuracy: 0.1s

  Single Measurement Accuracy: 1.5s
Multiple Measurement Accuracy: 0.6s

     Withstanding Voltage/Leakage Current TesterWithstanding Voltage-Leakage Current Tester Test the Withstanding Voltage and Leakage Current of circuit board and electronic devices  Testing Voltage Range: 0.5~15kV
Testing Leakage Current: 0.5~200mA
Measurement Accuracy: ±(5%+3 number)
     Medical Leakage Current Tester  Medical Leakage Current Tester Test the Leakage Current of medical devices under working conditionTesting Current Range: 0~10.00/20.00(AC/DC)
Measurement Accuracy: ±(5%+3 number)
    Medical Rapid Steam Sterilizer  Medical Rapid Steam Sterilizer Test the tightness and service life of medical devicesChamber Volume: 24L (Φ250×520 mm)
Maximum Working Pressure: 0.22Mpa
Maximum Working Temperature: 134°C
Adjustment of Temperature: 105°C~134°C
Timer: 0~60 min
Chamber Temperature Equal: ≤ ±1°C
    Universal Testing   Universal Testing Test the mechanical properties of metal or non-metal materials; test the impact reliability of products under shipping and working conditions Test Range: 0.04~2KN
Resolution: 0.1N
Measurement Accuracy: ±1%
    Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Measure the physical geometrical characteristics of mechanical parts and optical componentsMeasurement Range: 500×600×400
MPE (μm): 2.2+3L/1000
MPEP (μm): 2.4
    SM Temperature-Humidity Chambers Thermotron    Industries, USA

SM Temperature-Humidity Chambers Thermotron

Provide rapid product temperature change rates and use varying levels of relative humidity to locate design problems and improve product reliability 

  Temperature Range: -68°C~+177°C

  Humidity Range: 10%~98%

  Temperature and Humidity Uniformity:

   ±0.03°C/ ±1%RH

  Temperature and Humidity Control Tolerance:

  ±0.07°C/ ±2.5%RH

    High-precision Video Measuring Machine

High-precision Video Measuring Machine

Measure the dimension of mechanical parts and optical componentsMeasuring Travel: 150mm~250mm
Resolution: 0.001mm
Measurement Accuracy: (3+L/200) μm
    NewView Optical Surface Profilers    from ZYGO, USA

NewView Optical Surface Profilers

Provide rapid, non-contact 3D surface measurements for R&D and product department 

  Measurement Repeatability: 0.1nm Rq

  Accuracies: <0.75%

  Image Depths: from <1nm to 5000um

  Z-scan: 4.0um/s

  Height Resolution: 0.1nm