Our Focus

Optical Coating

NovelBeam provides cost-effective customized coating solutions to customers utilizing our comprehensive coating capabilities including:

Ÿ ü Electron Beam Evaporation Coating

Ÿ ü Ion Assisted Deposition Coating

Ÿ ü Magnetron Sputtering Coating

Ÿ ü Ion Beam Sputtering Coating


Electron Beam


Ion Assisted Deposition

Magnetron Sputtering

Ion Beam Sputtering

Deposition Rate

~10 Å/sec ~10 Å/sec ~5 Å/sec ~3 Å/sec
CoatingArea/Run 1256 – 4400cm2 1256 – 4400cm2 > 4400cm2 650 – 1250cm2
Laser Damage Threshold(1064 HR) ~5 to 30 J/cm2, 20ns ~5 to 30 J/cm2,20ns ~ 10 J/cm2,20ns >40 J/cm2,20ns
Absorption >100 ppm >50-100ppm <50ppm <2ppm
Number of Layers ~40 ~60 ~100 ~200
Surface Micro-Roughness <10Å RMS <8Å RMS <5Å RMS <1Å RMS
Density Porous Dense Dense Near Bulk
Adhesion/ Durability Low Good Very good Excellent
Humidity Sensitivity Yes Small Very Small No
Intrinsic Stress <20MPa <50MPa <100MPa <100MPa


* These values are typical values indicative of average industry standards. They in no way represent a specific supplier and exceptions may exist.

Super-Smooth Surface Polishing

NovelBeam focuses on super-smooth surface polishing techniques and realized mass production with roughness controlled to 0.3nm.

Super-Smooth Surface Polishing Techniques:

Ÿ ü Bowel-Feed Polishing

Ÿ ü Teflon Polishing

Ÿ ü Float Polishing

Ÿ ü Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF)

Ÿ ü Ion Beam Finishing (IBF)

LED Chip Packaging

The development of LED chip structure went through Horizontal Structure, Vertical Structure, and Three-Dimensional Vertical Structure. High driving current for LED chip of vertical structure is the trend of LED development.

NovelBeam uses Vertical Structure and Three-Dimensional Vertical Structure LED and SIP (System in a Package) packaging. The driving current is increased to 2A/mm2.

Medical Endoscope System Illumination and Imaging

NovelBeam’s research on rigid endoscope system covers LED light sources, endoscopes and camera adapters, targeting HD imaging.

•    Integrate advanced technologies in LED light sources

     ü Thermal Management of High Power LED and LD

             NovelBeam optimizes hot pipe cooling, water cooling, air cooling and

             other thermal management technologies, which solves the overheating

             problem of LED chip (applicable for 150W single LED chip), thus

             ensuring the reliability and life time of LED.

     ü High Current Density Drive and Current Control of LED and LD

            NovelBeam realizes low voltage and high current LED drive and

            meets the requirement of various illumination applications.

            •  Current Density: up to 2.5A/mm2
            •  Current: up to 30A (single LED)
            •  Driving Power: 150W+
            •  Light Output: 4000lm+
            •  Light Power: 10W+

     ü Secondary Optical Design of Illumination System

            NovelBeam offers secondary optical design according to different

            applications and systems, excelling at LED color combining and high

            CRI lighting.

            •  Light efficiency: >90%
            •  CRI>90 @ 6500K color temperature
            •  8 patents for invention

Ÿ•    Optical design of endoscope enable HD image, coupling with HD camera system

Ÿ•    Developed a set of endoscope assembly, commission, and inspection to ensure HD image and reliability
















Medical Endoscope Encapsulation

NovelBeam adopted laser welding techniques. This breaking technique makes our endoscopes endurable to a variety of medical disinfection methods including Autoclave as well as Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilization, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, Radiation Sterilization, and Dry Heat Sterilization. Our adapters resist Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilization, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization and Radiation Sterilization.