LED Module

Foreal’s LED Light Modules combine the most advanced technology in solid state lighting, precision optics and thermal management to deliver bright and uniform white light. Please contact us with your specific product requirements: [email protected].


Key Features:
•    Exceeds the brightness of 250W Xenon

•    Multiple Controls and Functional Interfaces

•    Instant On/Off (No Warm Up Time)

•    Easy Installation


General Specifications:
Model M101 (Typical) M102 (Typical) M201 (Typical) M103 (Typical) M302 (Typical)
LED 80W 35W 20W 35W 100W
Flux without Fiber Light Guide 2000lm  800lm  600lm 800lm 2500lm
Best Matched Fiber Guide Φ5mm, NA>0.6 Φ4mm, NA>0.6 Φ2.5mm, NA>0.6 Φ4mm, NA>0.6 Φ5mm, NA>0.6
Flux with Best Matched FiberGuide 800lm  300lm 190lm 300lm 1000lm
Intensity of Illumination with Best Matched Fiber Guide 80000lx  33000lx 18000lx 33000lx            80000lx
Correlated Color Temperature  6500K~7300K          5500K~7500K   6500K~7300K
Dimension (W×H×D) 95×105×130mm 70×75×115mm 270×321×100mm
Net Weight 1.1kg 0.6kg 1.1kg
Application Rigid Medical Endoscope Flexible Medical Endoscope Rigid Medical Endoscope
Color Rendering Index 70 90 70
Spectral Output 400nm~700nm
Manual Brightness Control 10%-100% Adjustable
Functional Interfaces

Automatic Shut Off If Fiber Not Inserted/Warning Control/Temperature Monitor Control/Current Monitor Control/ LCD Control