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LED Light Source


Foreal’s LED light sources are used in thoracoscopes, medical endoscopes, surgical microscopes and for other medical or life science applications. Our LED light sources are portable, superbright, highly efficient, and have a long life expectancy. The light sources may be used with or without a fiber optic cable, depending on the application.


Key Features:
•    Exceeds the brightness of 250W Xenon
•    Lifetime 20,000+ hours
•    Cool light, No UV or IR
•    Overheating protection is provided by “warning” on LCD screen
•    Output power is displayed as percentage on LCD screen


General Specifications:
Item M2000(Typical) M1000 (Typical) M2000CE (Typical)
Flux without Fiber Light Guide 2000lm 750lm 2500lm
Flux Reference from Fiber Light Guide 800lm 300lm 800lm
Correlated Color Temperature 6500K ~ 7300K 5000K ~ 10000K 6500K ~ 7300K
Color Rendering Index 70 70 70
Spectral Output 400nm ~ 700nm 400nm ~ 700nm 400nm ~ 700nm
Manual Brightness Control 10% ~ 100% 10% ~ 100% 10% ~ 100%
Fiber Interface Φ5 Wolf Φ5 Wolf Φ5 Wolf
Net Weight 3.8kg 0.55kg 3.8kg


Electrical Specifications:
Item M2000 (Typical) M1000 (Typical) M2000CE (Typical)
Maximum Power Consumption 100W 20W 100W
External Universal Power Supply (100~240)VAC, 50/60Hz