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Excitation Light Source

Foreal’s LED excitation light source is a stable, cool, extremely bright light source, which is ideal for fluorescence microscopy. This powerful light source generates a large amount of excitation energy, thereby maximizing the amount of light reaching the eye or the detector, without heating the microscope area and causing damage to the sample. 

Foreal specializes in customized design, so please contact us with your unique product requirements: [email protected].


Key Features:
•    Exceeds the Brightness of 100W Mercury Lamp
•    Cool Light, No UV or IR
•    Lifetime 20,000+ hours
•    Instant On/Off , No warm-up or cool-down required
•    Adjustable Light Output
•    Easy Installation


General Specification:
               Performance                F200
               Power Consumption                10W
               Optical Power                700mW (Typical)
               Main Wavelength                465nm±5nm
               FWHM                20nm
               Manual Brightness Control                10%~100% Adjustable
               Dimension                99.6×83.6×138.6mm (W×H×D)
               Net Weight                1.2kg