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UV Curing System

UVC100 is an ideal substitute for high-pressure mercury lamps used for spot curing, and can be used in electronics, precision parts, magnetic-heads, optical glass, LCD panels, micro-motors, medical products, handicrafts, fiber connectors, hard disks, and in many other areas.


Key Features:
•    365nm UV LED
•    Cool light. No UV or IR
•    Maximum irradiance 60,000μW/cm2
•    Long Life
•    Power consumption low to 25W
•    Cable output, low consumables cost
•    No warm-up, high efficiency
•    Four illuminator heads with independent or simultaneous control optional
•    LCD display



General Specifications:
Qty. of Illuminator Heads 4 Optional Heads
Control Mode Manual or Automatic Control
Interface ● LCD Display

● Independent Foot Pedal

● Main Illuminator Button

● Independent Illuminator Button

● USB Communication Interface

Other Functions Light Indicator for Open/Close
Ambient Temperature 0~35°C
Dimension 105×145×180mm (W×H×D)
Net Weight 1.5kg
Power 12VDC/3A
Output Power Power of Each Illuminator Head:15WStandby Power:<1W



LED Illuminator Heads Specifications:

   Outer Diameter      15mm
   Spectral Range      360nm ~ 380nm
   Working Distance      5mm      10mm      20mm      30mm
   Irradiancy      60×1000μw/cm2      55×1000μw/cm2      52×1000μw/cm2      45×1000μw/cm2
   Spot Diameter      8mm      8mm      10mm      12mm
   Best Working Distance      10mm ~ 20mm
   Ambient Temperature      0°C ~ 35°C
   Accessory      A special radiator is recommended for longer periods of operation.